Guyub Project

We Provide Integrated Solutions To Achieve Our Vision In Achieving the SDGs For Peaceful and Inclusive 
By Promoting the Human 
Security Approach

The GUYUB project is people-centred, comprehensive, context-specific, and prevention oriented. We empower local actors, engaged civil society organisations to implement community-based, gender responsive interventions with the support from local and national governments. Through the direct partnership with the relevant Ministries, law enforcement official and policy makers, the programme will promote a prevention approach that is based on the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Gender Equality.


We believe that our concerted efforts in Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) provide a replicable model for successful interventions elsewhere in Indonesia, as well as in South-East Asia and beyond.

This is how we work

Transformational impact

Our goal has always been to support transformational change to bring about tangible improvements in people’s lives, especially for those at risk of being left behind.

Our Focus Area

We focus on the areas that address the root causes of violent extremism

Knowledge Building and Sharing

We advance the development and dissemination of high-quality evidence-based research on the push and pull factors of violent extremism in Indonesia that is highly applicable for policy-development, while also improving synergies between academics, think-tanks, PVE actors and policy-makers.

Resilience Building and Empowerment

We create pathways to resilience through capacity building opportunities that empower local actors, youth, women, girls and boys and marginalized groups on PVE, so they can be agents of positive change in their communities

Coordination and Partnerships

We walk together with our partners in our journey to eliminate violent extremism in Indonesia and in doing so, enhance good governance and coordination between governments, authorities, civil society and communities in prevention efforts that are socially inclusive and accountable.

Awareness Raising and Advocacy

We believe that sustainable changes can only be achieved if they emerge from the organic conditions of a society. Therefore our interventions help foster inclusive dialogue on PVE and active participation of community members, youth, women and marginalized groups to ensure their voices are heard, so “no one is left behind”. Together we promote positive and peaceful narratives both in online and offline spaces.